Saturday, June 7, 2014

World: meet our great prime minister

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver turns its gaze this week to Australia's esteemed PM Tony Abbott. He's not the most popular man in the country, but with a nicely edited highlights reel such as this one, it reminds you how odd it is that he ever rose to his current station.

Of course, Abbott's rise to power has a lot to do with the rise and fall of the previous Labor government. After Kevin Rudd shot to the top office in 2007, he was so popular that the defeated Liberal-National Coalition descended into dysfunction, deposing its two leaders in relatively quick succession. Both men, Dr Brendan Nelson and particularly Malcolm Turnbull, were generally seen as more credible leaders than Abbott, who filled their spot almost by default. Abbott was seen as un-electable in some quarters, but as the Labor government's popularity began to erode due to infighting and a growing perception of incompetence, all Abbott had to do was not muck it up too badly. Its a rather damning indictment of Labor's recent performances that he is now in charge, and a reminder that sometimes timing is everything in politics.


  1. To all the Australians trying to blame the labor party for messing things up. And that us Australians didn't have no other good choices out there to vote for... you all are a victim of Murdoch media propaganda... labor was doing a pretty good job.. it felt like Australia was making progress... now all that's down the drain.

  2. Tony Abbott: Single-handedly making Christians look like bigots even more than Duck Dynasty and the Duggars combined.

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