Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This week on the Youtubes

This surreal German supermarket commercial may just be this years Gangnam Style. See Slate for some context.

For some reason I can never get sick of people finding new ways to play the Super Mario Brothers theme.

This clip is from Scottish reality-documentary show thingy "The Street", showing the lives of regular people living and working around one of Glasgow's main entertainment hubs. Angolan immigrant Melo is busking when he is accosted by a couple of racist thugs. It's a fascinating encounter, particularly due to the admirable way Melo manages to maintain his cool in the face of aggression. It's odd that this encounter would occur on camera, but I guess now that everyone is constantly filming everything, and the equipment needed to shoot a TV show is getting smaller and less obtrusive, the thugs probably didn't think too much about it.

Hotel. Motel. Holiday Inn.
"Say what?"

According to my African peeps, this is a pretty realistic depiction of what would happen if they were in this situation.