Friday, April 8, 2011

Asian eyelid surgery in Australia

From ABCTV's show Hungry Beast this week.

A little bit of me died inside at the 2 minute 18 second mark when Heidi Liow, who no one could ever accuse of being ugly, says "I want to be beautiful" in the sort of way that you'd expect from someone who had been born with facial disfigurement.
Another part of me died when she speaks about people racially bullying her, and then says, "It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me."

No, child. When someone bullies you, there's something wrong with them. Never forget that.


  1. With academic achievements like this, one would expect white people to have eye surgery to look more like Asians....

    "Nationwide, the percentage of Asian American students scoring in the upper echelons on math exams was 17 points higher than the percentage of white students. Notably, that gap has continued to widen in more recent years. In Virginia, for example, Asian American students’ advanced-level math performance leapt from 59 percent to 76 percent between 2006 and 2009, compared with an increase from 43 percent to 58 percent for white students.

    In Maryland, that same pattern was apparent on reading tests. The percentage of Asian American students who tested in advanced levels grew from 40 percent to 58 percent between 2006 and 2009. The percentage of white students in that category grew from 35 percent to 48 percent."

    But obviously academic and professional achievements do not count for much these days.

  2. Where the hell are the parents saying "No f*cking way"?

    None of this could be possible without tacit parental approval.

    1. I was 20 at the time love. My mother is a Doctor and my father has graduated with a MBA. obviously my parents are cultured, intelligent people who have outlined the risks I am undergoing for this surgery. And clearly shows u fell victim to what ABC wanted the show to be about. They asked me questions if I was bullied and what I wanted to look like. they asked me what did a manga character look like. It looked Eurasian to me. DUH

  3. Really sad. Their eyes look worse after the surgery. It's sad that that kind of pressure exists. The girl who was sent to Singapore at 15 sounds very reasonable; that kind of parental pressure should be against the law.

    1. so my eyes look worse. at least they don't have multiple folds like before your opinion on my eyes don't matter, it's how I feel and how happy I am with the result. Ur comment..."sounds reasonable.." for that lady to be sent to Singapore at 15 is just horrible! and to be forced to have surgery too.

  4. It kinda makes me wonder how such intelligent and well mannered ethnically based individuals can implicitly convince themselves to undergo this surgery with such fervor, and how too can they afford it?
    News reports have disclosed that;
    Dr Andrew Kim gave Heidi Liow an 80% discount to publicise his practice on inquiry/investigation shows such as that shown in the above video and SBS Insight. So there's the tacit approval creeping up again, hmmmm....

  5. Hi Abdul, Dr Kim gave me a discount for my willingness to go onto the show. I also work fulltime.
    I am completing my double degree in business/Professional communications and I did surgery for myself. They asked me a list of certain questions whilst filming me and I had to answer in full sentences. they picked out the ones that suited the show well for them. I had no idea they would portray me as that. U can imagine how shocked and embaressed I was from how they turned it around to be some sort of racial facial.

  6. I'm thinking about getting blepharoplasty on my upper eyelids. I'm afraid that it will leave visible scars on my eyelids that will be noticeable to anyone who is close to me and sees me looking down